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Our vision is to model a Christ centered life by partnering with families, serving, and teaching the Bible. 

When children enter our space, they will have fun, be loved by our volunteers, make lasting friendships, and feel God’s love and protection. 

Elementary and PReschool and Preschool: With age-appropriate lessons and games, children learn how to live a life like Jesus through worship, games, and small group discussions.

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 Nursery: Babies are loved and cared for during services by our trained volunteers and nursery staff.









Thaddeus"Hey, I'm Thaddeus! I'm here to partner with you and your children as we model a Christ centered life, whether that's  at church or at home. Let me know how I can help!"


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(Volunteer of the Week)

While our ministry focuses on children, you all are the heart and soul of what we do. I want to champion you all and brag about you, so here we go! Our volunteer of the week is........Amy Kaufhold! Amy serves in our Nursery and on our Leadership team. Her knowledge and wisdom in child development serves our ministry as a whole immensely. Thank you Amy!


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Parent Corner 

Hey parents and volunteers!

Looking for tips in parenting and interacting with children in our ministry? Check out these videos on our Youtube channel!

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What's Happening?

Mommy and Me

Mommy and Me


Parent Workshop 2023

Our Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists instructors specializing in new and growing families and children with traumatic experiences. They will be teaching on tangible strategies to use for discipline, including non-corporeal punishment, and include some role-playing for parents to simulate situations.  For growing families and families with new members, there will be time for strategies parents can use to discuss with each other how to better support each other and their new child.

Register Here!

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Kidmin Volunteer Small Group Prep

Our Ministry is expanding! Isn't it great! With the influx of Preschoolers and toddlers going to be in preschool, they will need their own special space. That being said, after church on March 5th, we will be discussing tips, tricks, and strategies to help our Elementary and Preschoolers stay focused and get the most out of their small group time. We will talk about how to ask questions, what questions to ask, how to keep the wiggles in, and how to best help our most distracted/distracting friends.

Let me know if you will be able to make it!

Volunteer Prep


VBS 2023 June 14-17


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