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Below is a detailed timeline of our prayerful vision process from summer 2021 - current.  As always if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us at 

  1. 2021 
    1. Summer 2021 - AGCC, like all churches, began to explore options concerning the future of the church.  One option that was explored was a potential merger with Franklin Christian Church. 

    2. June - August 2021 - Elderships from both AGCC & FCC begin to meet together & pray about the possibility of a combined future together.  As part of this process both groups agreed to read the book “Better Together.”

    3. Sept. 2021 - Elderships from FCC & AGCC, in an preemptive attempt to explore a potential merger, create a “Better Together FAQ” (SEE FAQ HERE)

    4. Oct. 2021 - Elders at AGCC invite the congregation into the conversation about a potential merger with FCC.  (SEE ANNOUNCEMENT HERE)

    5. Nov. 2021 - Based on responses from the church concerning a possible merger the Elders of AGCC make an announcement outlining a plan through April 2022.  
      1. The plan consisted of two parts, create a research or options team to explore other options for AGCC future and secondly to create opportunities to get to know FCC better.  (SEE ANNOUNCEMENT HERE)
  2. 2022
    1. Winter 2021 - Spring 2022, While the research / options team met, opportunities were created for AGCC & FCC to “get to know each other better.”  These options included a pulpit swap between David (Senior Minister at FCC) and Adam K (Minister at AGCC), Student & Youth Activities, Service Opportunities, Fall Festival at FCC, etc…
      1. Additionally there was opportunity for AGCC & FCC to worship together in a combined space, but ultimately it was unsuccessful.
    2. Feb. 2022 - Options team from AGCC meet & present their findings to the Elders.  In brief the options team recommended four things;
      1. Consider / Pursue hiring a Full-Time connection / outreach minister
      2. Building improvements - Both maintenance & to accommodate future school/community use. i.e. addition of sprinkler system
      3. Pursue outside help - Church consultant/coach
      4. Clarify & Communicate strategic/measurable goals & time frame for achieving them.
    3. April 2022 - Based on the options teams input & input from the church family as a whole, the Elders of AGCC make an announcement to essentially prayerfully consider the options team recommendations & at the same time discontinue merger conversations with FCC.  (SEE ANNOUNCEMENT HERE)  
      1. In addition to this announcement the Elders asked Adam to lead the church in a season of prayer & revisioning (United in Pursuit Series HERE)
    4. May 2022 - Elders at AGCC, acknowledging requests from options team, enlisted the service of Jon Mullican to help AGCC in a 10yr. Vision process. 
      1. Jon forms a “vision team” comprised initially of the elders & Adam & begins to meet with the team to formulate a “vision process”.
      2. Additionally a Church-Wide Vision Process is set for Sun. July 26th 2022
        1. Watch Video Invite from Jon HERE 
        2. See Church Invitation Letter HERE 
    5. May - June 2022 - United in Pursuit Church Vision Process, for 10 weeks AGCC is collectively invited to practice the spiritual disciplines, read the same scripture & pray asking God to reveal his mission/vision/purpose for the future of AGCC.  Responses were collected & compiled (SEE RESPONSES HERE)
      1. June 26th - Jon Mullican leads AGCC in 4hr collective Vision Process resulting in important & powerful prayers (SEE HERE)
      2. Watch Adam’s RECAP Video HERE
      3. Specific requests for more communication are made at this meeting
    6. July 2022 - Jon & now expanded vision team meet.  Intention is for vision team to meet four times between July & Oct, at which point a 10yr Vision for AGCC will be presented to the church at our annual family meeting. 
      1. Current Vision Team Memebers: Peggy Meyers, Costa Morgan, Paul Stanek, Bob Brown, Thaddeus Billingsley, Adam Kaufhold, Rick Hammond, Charles Beard 
      2. Vision Team Meetings & Communication Schedule 
        1. Meeting #2 - Sat. July 16th
          1. (Watch Vision Team Update HERE)
        2. Meeting #3 - Aug. 10th
          1. (Watch Vision Team Update HERE)
        3. Meeting #4 - Sept. 10th
        4. Meeting #5 - Sept. 24th  

    7. Oct. 30th Vision Presentation & Dialogue 
    8. Dec. 2022 - (Tentative) 2023 Budget Proposal for Vote 
    9. Jan - Feb. 2023 - (Tentative) Roll out of NEW VISION AT AGCC