VBS 2023! June 14th-17th Click here.

Join us Sundays, online or in-person, at 10am

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  1. Please fill the bucket ONLY with items listed on the provided sheet. 
  2. Remove all packaging where feasible from items in the bucket, i.e. take batteries out of packaging.  This saves on space & weight. 
  3. You and your children are welcome to add a letter, prayer, color sheet, etc.
  4. Please have the filled bucket/s back to the church building by July 3rd.
  5. If you want to take some buckets to your work place that is fine but please be responsible for getting them back to the building by July 3rd. 
  6. Be sure you get a bucket/s, lid/s & sheets for each bucket before you leave. 
  7. If you don’t want to shop & fill a bucket, we will gladly accept a donation & do the shopping for you.  Donate online at aspengrovecc.com click on the “Give” tab.  Or in person make your checks out to Aspen Grove Christian Church & indicate Ukraine relief in the tag line. 
  8. A small toy is great if you have room. 
  9. Most of the refugees are women and children.  
  10. 10.We are happy for your to share buckets with anyone who is interested just please be sure to return by July 3rd. 
  11. 11.It costs approximately $50 to fill one bucket.  Dollar store items are appropriate & inexpensive.