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Aspen Grove Christian Church exists to Grow Followers of Jesus Christ through Worship, Community, and Service.  By creating opportunities to Serve our neighbors, both foreign and domestic, we fulfill not only the greatest command (love God) but the second (love others) as well.  Here are some of the ways that Aspen Grove is activily striving to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in our world.  Be sure to check out our FB Page or our Events page for info. about upcoming events.  

Local/Domestic - To Grow as a Follower of Jesus Christ we know we must demonstrate an awareness of the immediate needs around us, but more so a willingness to get our hands dirty and do something about it.  It is for this reason that AGCC frequently creates opportunities to serve in local area ministries.  For example
     *Graceworks Ministries
     *The Nashville Rescue Mission
    *Harding Place Condominiums - Low income community for which we have provided cookouts, school supplies and Christmas parties.  

     *We also work to support members of AGCC.  For example 2013 we have worked to provide support for short term mission trips, as well as provide adoption assistance for some of our families.
     *Even out kids get involved in service, see our event "Orange" Children's Ministry Service Day

Foreign - As much as we enjoy serving our immediage community, God has called us to serve the greater community of his kingdom as well.  For this reason we are excited about any opportunity we have to serve His Mission in the world.  For example
     *Church Plant Partnership - In 2013 AGCC is partnering with other local Churches as well as Compassion and Stadia to plant a Church in Ecuador.  You can learn more about this opportunity here.  We are excited about what this church plant will mean and we are already looking at the potential of a short-term mission trip to support the efforts of God in Ecuador in 2014.    

*At the end of 2012 AGCC raised more than $3,000 to support Compassions Water for Life Mission which provided clean drinking water, for life, for more than 40 families in Uganda.