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Romans #14 - Love Debt

August 20, 2017 Speaker: Adam Kaufhold Series: Some Kind of Wonderful, Paul's Letter to Rome

Bill Hybels 10 rules of respect - Presented at the Global Leadership Summit 2017 
1. set the example of how to differ w/out demonizing 
2. how to have spirited conversations w/out “drawing blood” 
3. not interrupt & not dominate conversations 
4. limiting volume levels & refuse incendiary or belittling words 
5. courteous in word & deed, everyone at every level 
6. never stereotype 
7. apologize immediately when wrong 
8. form opinons carefully, stay open if better info. comes along 
9. show up when you say & do what you say
10.  written code of respect for entire org. 
A. greet & acknowledge each other 
B. please & thank you 
C. treat equally w/ respect 
D. direct sensitive & honest 
E. address incivility whenever it occurs 

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