Join us Sundays at 10:00am Worship


Google Hangout

For Google Hangout:

AC is going to send a link in an email to join a google hangout call from 5 to 5:45 on Sunday nights. We can connect and read Scripture together before we all go have dinner with our families. Google hangout is really easy to use— I’ll create a group and then send a link for each of you to join. 

^^WHAT I NEED FROM EACH STUDENT is an email that you use for me to send this invite to. It can be your parents, and if you have a sibling in the youth group, you guys can even share one screen if you want to. So text AC your email address sometime this weekend so you can join us on Google Hangout Sunday at 5! 

For Netflix Party:
While on a laptop or desk monitor, open Chrome and google “netflix party.” You have to add an extension to be able to use Netflix Party. It is super easy and takes maybe 30 seconds. Then, AC will send out a link for you all to follow that will take you to the movie or show that we choose. We can all watch together, and even chat while we watch! Be ready with some suggestions when we meet on Sunday evening.